Each Media Network

For small and micro businesses and individualsInformation publishing tool、Social contactAPP

Each message All have value

The first red envelope to transfer information mode,
Look at the information,get red packets。

Block chain information distribution mode

Distributed centralization,
Every individual is a communication node.。

Cover the whole country654A city,
Publish tens of thousands of red packets every day

No matter where you are,All can feel Each Media Network Red envelopes




Urban coverage rate


Daily release of red envelope information

About us ABOUT US

“ Each Media Network ”APP,Targeting small and micro businesses、Information dissemination problems of individual users。 Each Media Network Innovation Based“LBS+Red envelopes+information”A game of play,Let every message be one.

The form of a cash red envelope is displayed.,It lets every information publisher pay for his own information publicity.,It also enables every information receiver and communicator to benefit instantaneously from the published information.。

Different from the past advertising information mode, Each Media Network It is a model“De centralization release、Distributed operation”A new generation of advertising models,stay Each Media Network ,Abandoned the traditional advertisers channel mode.,Reduce intermediate links,Advertisers can directly connect with target customers.,Making advertising information more efficient、More direct、More effective!

stay Each Media Network APP Advertisements published in China、mood、Apocalypse,It can be accompanied by the process of people grabbing red packets and sharing red packets.,Spread along the circle of friends,Layer by layer,It changes the transmission one-way.,Monolayer propagation mode,It can also get multilayer fission propagation.。This is equivalent to installing a voice box within a kilometre.,Making smaller individuals.,It can also make an influential voice.!
Vision mission

Eliminate small advertisements in cities“Psoriasis”,Return to the city a pure land!