Make thousands of meters:Receive red envelopes

  • 1. Personal Center

    Editable head and nickname,Binding Alipay or bank card account。

  • 2. Message icon

    You can check the records of your red packets being praised or commented by other users.

  • 3. City Grid

    Click to view the grid advertising space of the current regional cities.

  • 4. Red envelopes

    Advertising red envelopes released by the platform,All users can receive

  • 5. Broadcast red envelopes

    Red envelopes issued by users,It can be collected within the territory.

  • 6. Blessings of red envelopes

    User's blessing bonus,It can be collected within the territory.

  • 7. Coupon red packets

    Red coupon issued by merchants,It can be collected within the territory.

  • 8. Red packet icons

    You can view the red envelope that has been received or released.

  • 9. refresh Icon

    Click to automatically locate the current location and refresh the red envelope of the current territory.

  • 10. Card voucher

    All the coupons you receive or use will be displayed here.

How to receive red packets?

Access to kilometer map interface,You can see the icons of red packets.,Click to receive red packets.;

The same red envelope can only be collected once.,After receiving it, it will disappear on the map.

Red envelopes icon style

How to get more red packets?

Map interface clicking“Expanding the scope of receiving red packets”,Clicking again“Inviting friends”After sharing with friends,Friend long press“Recognition of two-dimensional code”downloadAPPLanding。

How to check the red envelopes issued and received?

Click on the bottom right corner of the map interface.“Red envelopes”Icon,Or the upper left corner of the map interface.“portrait”Navigation button,You can check the red envelope dynamics.

How to view all income details?

  • Click on the bottom of the map interface to navigate.“wallet“Button
  • Clicking again”My red envelope value“The numbers below can be used to view the detailed receipt.;
  • Click the top of the interface.“Red envelope value”You can see the details in each option.
  • You can also click on the upper right corner of the interface.“screen”,Categorize all income details。

How to receive coupon red packets?

  • Click on the map interface to display the coupon red envelope.;
  • Click and collect,You can successfully get the coupons and cash envelopes issued by the merchant.;
  • A successful coupon will be deposited.“Card voucher”in;
  • click“Available”Coupons in,And show the coupons two-dimensional code to the clerk scanning.;
  • The coupons used will automatically fail.;