Make thousands of meters:City Grid

How to buy city squares?

Click on the top left corner of the map interface“City Grid”Icon,Access to the grid advertising interface in the region.,Click arbitrarily“+”Select the grid position in the blank for purchase.Can also be clicked“Other main cities”Choose other areas to buy city grid advertising.

Input picture and text information and release days,Advertising can be obtained after payment.

Urban grid income

When the city grid is purchased,The owner of the city can enjoy the purchase of the checked sum.50%,As a grid Promotion Fund。Users in the area look over the occupied lattices.,Cash bonus can be directly collected.

What is the use of city grids?

  • There are friends and family shops.,Want to be known by more people,Raise income,Through the lattice,City advertising precise push。
  • Companies need to recruit talent.,You can publish it through a single key.,Save time and effort and save worry。
  • Houses need to be rented.,Want to be quicker、More efficient is known,You can publish by grid.,Achieving high efficiency。
  • You have someone you like.,Want a romantic confession.,You can spread quickly through the grid.TASide,Express your love。