Violation rules

Using virtual positioning

By modifying the phone itselfGPSLocation,Analog to field locations;as:I am in Beijing.,By modifyingGPSLocating in Shenzhen,Red envelopes in Shenzhen area,This behavior will be characterized as cheating.,Life-long seal!

One machine with multiple micro signals

To ensure the true and effective receipt of red packets information.,Let information pass to different users.,In principle1people1Number,about1Individuals have multiple kilometre accounts to grab red packets.,Will be dragged into the system blacklist.,No red envelopes.,Those who are serious will be entitled for life.!

Release and insult、Pornographic、Information about politics

To ensure the health of all kilometre users of the platform.、Harmonious atmosphere,For prohibited contents issued by national laws and regulations,Publishing all contents that jeopardize public interests and legitimate rights and interests of others,Issue related politics、Pornographic、Reactionary、Verbal information such as abuse,Disrupting platform development and user's normal use order,Once found,Immediately pull in the blacklist.,Those who are serious will be entitled for life.!

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